The Author

Rev. Dr. Sandy Range

Rev. Dr. Sandy Range is the owner and founder of Intentional Self, LLC a holistic counseling and alternative wellness practice in Massachusetts. She has been a licensed practitioner of holistic psychotherapy and hypnotherapy as a trauma specialist for over 25 years. She is a North American Indigenous Medicine Woman and South American (Peru) Shamanic Practitioner. Dr. Sandy is ordained as an Esoteric, Metaphysical Minister, she is an Usui Reiki Master, Meridian Therapist, Ascension Meditation Teacher, Personal and Transitional Coach, Artist and a lifelong student and practitioner of spiritual, indigenous and shamanic practices. Dr. Sandy calls upon the spirits of nature, her ancestors and the Universe to assist in her healing practices. She is profoundly linked in heart, mind and spirit to the healing and wholeness of mother earth, her creatures and the human beings entrusted with her care. She is also a contributing writer for “Heart of The Healer” with Don Oscar Miro-Casada, Peruvian Shaman of the Pachakuti Mesa tradition, and publishes her own blog at She is a public speaker, group and workshop facilitator and welcomes inquiries for speaking engagements and workshops for everyone, but especially for People of Color.